Use Database query tool to access dosimetric data saved on ESOREX Platform


The dosimetric data entered by authorized users are saved in a database allowing you to retrieve data at any time.

4 types of data are registred in the database:

  1. Extremities
  2. Lens of the eye
  3. Skin
  4. Whole body

Before to query the database, you have to select the type using the Database menu.
After that, the known data of the considered type are displayed.
Note that if you have already used this tool, your last criteria are used and the last result is displayed.

4 criteria allow you to raffine results:

  1. Country
  2. Year
  3. Occupation
  4. Type of dose 

WARNING: If a request for a given country, a given year, a given occupation and for the dose type E (effective dose) doesn't return any results, try again with the dose type criteria "Hp10". Indeed, the database has been built so that if the only component of E is Hp10, only the line Hp10 has to be filled in by the national correspondent.

Remember that when you use more than one criterion, only lines according to all that criteria are selected.

Select the desired values in the corresponding lists then press Search button to activate the query.


  • press ctrl+click  to add one value to your selection
  • press shift+click  to add more than one contiguous values to your selection
  • press ctrl+click  to deselected a value

At the bottom of the page, a Excel icon allow you to export the result in the corresponding format.